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Everything started very very long ago - in my childhood i dreamt to have a kitten. Unfortunately, my little brother had an allergy and we had no pets.

So, some years ago, when i already lived in my own apatrment i started to search for a kitten for myself. My searching lasts for a half of a year or more, until i finally saw a beautiful photo of Siberian kittens on one of belorussian forums. When i saw tham, i was amazed, i thought that someone will be so lucky, having such a wonderful kittens.

When i saw this photo, i fell in love! And from that moment i become interested in this beautiful breed- Siberian cats.

So, in two month my beautiful siberian girl came to me and become an important part of my life.

Ladislava was born on 13.04.2010 in Minskin cattery Iz Lunnoy Serenady. I can not thank her breeder enough for my girl.

Ladislava's Mother: Wr.Ch. Severina iz Sibirskoy Skazki.
Ladislava's Dad: Wr.Ch. Dobroslav Chingy-Tura.

Colour: Black silver spotted tabby with white or fs 24 03

Here is our photo! Ladislava is a very beautiful girl.