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Hello! My name is Valentina Solovyova and i am glad to welcome you at the pages of my website - website of a cattery of siberian cats "Valenika". Cattery is registered in WCF, Germany in November of 2012. Our friendly family and cats live in Minsk.

I would like to tell you about the history of my cattery. I loved cats since i was a little girl. When i grew up, one day i say a photo of an amazing, gorgeous Siberian kitten, and i fell in love on first sight. In that moment i knew, that this will be my cat. So i became interested in this wonderful and magical breed - Siberian cats.

In real, appearance of Siberian cats admires you from the first sight - their strong, musqular body, amazing fluffy collar, magnificent tail, shiny coat, fluffy fur on paws. If you once look into this deep, attracting, green eyes, you will fall in love with this breed.

Siberians are wonderful cats, they are very self-sufficient cats, they are persons with surprising nature, understanding and very clever .

And what a wonderful nature do Siberian cats have! They are very sociable, friendly, they like people so much and help in everything. Thank to their nature siberian kittens become friends with another animals in home.

So in summer 2010 my little princess, my beautiful siberian girl Ladislava Iz Lunnoy Serenady became my family and a part of my life. Ladislava is very nice, kind and sunny girl. Her coat color is very rare and beautiful, she is fs 24 03 or black silver spotted tabby with white. I am very grateful to her bredeer Tatiana Kalinina for this girl.

Main goal of our cattery is to breed beautiful, big, strong cats with excellent breed type, and of course genetically healthy. We also try to keep such a nice and unique nature of Siberians.


Our cattery is interested in colors with white and silver. 

I hope you will find a fluffy Siberian friend here.

Siberian kittens.