Siberian traditional kittens

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On august 17 2023 beautiful siberian kittens from wonderful parents Granislava Valenika and Yaroslav Valenika were born.

Harley Valenika

Sunny boy.

Hennessy Valenika

Hayley Valenika

Heidi Valenika

On 16 of June 2023 beautiful and sweet babies were born .
Mom is our Havroshechka, dad is Yaroslav Valenika 

Feniks Valenika

White cutie.

Fernand Valenika

Sweet teddy bear

On 29 of July 2023 beautiful Babies from our Unity Valenika and Ciceron Siberian treasure were born

Gera Valenika

Garpiya Valenika



On 16 of April beautiful blue smoke kittens were born.

Beautiful Siberian king is available

Casanova Valenika

Blue smoke teddy bear

On 08 of March 2023 wonderful white siberian kittens were born.

Two wonderful white babies are available

Aq Bars Valenika

Lovely white siberian boy with green yellow eyes

Akly Valenika

Whute blue eyed princess

Two kittens are looking for a loving pet homes

Photo colour +

On June 22 beautiful princesses were born

Ximeleya Valenika
Sib f
Solid tortie


Xtreme beauty Valenika
Sib f
Solid tortie