About Breed

Siberian Cats are a medium to large breed of long hair cat. They are described in a circular shape. Rounded bodies, eyes, ears and heads which set them apart from the Maine Coon Cat and the Norwegian Forest Cat. A Siberian should be a cat of great “heft”, strength and muscle. It is not uncommon to look at a Siberian and exclaim, ” Wow, That is a big cat ! ” But when you pick up a Siberian you should be saying, “WOW !!! This REALLY is a big cat !!!! ” This is the “heft” of the breed. It is very deceiving. Although all three breeds probably originated years and years ago from one same area they traveled in different directions. The Siberian coat is a triple coat, containing the “down” to keep them warm in the cold Russian winters, the actual fur and then the “guard hairs” which help them from matting. Siberians are very difficult to wet. Although some can still mat during the shedding times of the year. Keeping them combed with a metal comb which will get down to the skin is a must. The “purr” sonality of this breed can go from being somewhat aloof to “Velcro” kitty. The Siberian is a very intelligent cat. I have watched them loose a small toy under a bookcase – most cats will go from side to side looking for the toy – not the Siberian – this cat will sit there for a minute and think and then reach his paw exactly where the toy went under and retrieve it. Some folks have taught them to “fetch”.

Neva Masquerade cat

They do know their names and will follow you around the house like a dog. They greet you at the door at night when you come home. They miss you when you are away. They wiggle their tales in a way that compares to a squirrel when they are excited or just do it to show affection. They have sweet little voices that chirp and trill. They are great leapers and land with the grace of the best ballerina. The Siberian cat can come in all colors including the colorpoint. If you are considering a Siberian as a member of your family please visit with the breeders or our pet owners for more information. But let me warn you, if you have one you will eventually loose your heart to this breed and have to have two.